Um? Self explanatory? However as a Disabled veteran I am often overlooked, and told “you look too young to be a veteran” or even the sexist “you look too pretty to have served” or  at the VA “are you here with your (insert male relative). The time to stop the ignorance is now. Women veterans are the fastest growing population, and the most underserved. We have higher rates of all the fukkery factors(homelessness/unemployment/suicide rates).  As a Military Sexual Trauma survivor/thriver I want to take back the power of my vagina, and for me, the symbols mean many things.   The lotus in the pin, the grenade, and even the pretty cursive. Be the bad ass brave veteran with a  vagina that you are, and maybe all VA’s will staff full time OBGYNS?

Veterans w/Vaginas Shirt

Option 1: White

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