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Jessica-Patrice D Coulter

RYT, MA('18)

Tel: 401.207.5262

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Jessica is a disabled post 9/11  military veteran and on the national campaign team for the non 

profit wounded warrior project. She volunteers her story and has a documentary on Netflix 

called Wounded that battle back home.   She is a proud veteran with a vagina and used her story 

and art to bring awareness to the obstacles facing the  military women during their service or 

afterward.  Like many brave men and women before her, she has become a staunch antiwar 

veteran for peace and belongs to numerous organizations that ask the big questions like “does

war ever solve our problems?”  She is also a Survivor and thriver of Military sexual trauma, 

domestic violence, and PTSD.  She uses her voice to shed light on these issues not only for 

veterans, but for women world wide,as well as offer solutions,  to those willing to be creative. 

Jessica is also a New Abolitionist, and believes that we do not have a prison industrial complex, 

but rather a continuation of active slave trade via prison, unjust laws and the fukkery, due to the 

13th amendment exception clause. 

 Her advocacy and her brand of feminism  she created, called “Militant Matriarchy” is a 

statement to the Universe  that where there is white supremacist patriarchal oppression and 

exploitation, she will there with all her tools to dismantle the fukkery, so we call all be free and 

return to love.

Jessica-Patrice D. Coulter, aka J9, is an Air Force Veteran, Mother, and Yoga Instructor. She has practiced yoga for over a decade, and discovered yoga while recovering from an injury. Yoga would further assist her when she was recovering from Military sexual trauma, homelessness, poverty and divorce.   She is trained in Integrative IAM Amrit Yoga, Pre-natal yoga, as well as a trained Yoga therapist. She has been teaching Hatha yoga and creative arts yoga for 5 plus years in local studios in and around New England. She has taught in Rehabilitation centers for Military personnel as well as teaching specialty classes for Trauma and veterans.  Jessica has done 

workshops for companies and the department of defense on stress management and is known 

as a wellness educator and facilitator.  She has taught with the Newport public school system 

and currently teaches in the Pawtucket public school system with youth from K-12  teaching 

with  SHRI Community outreach  yoga.  Jessica is also an Artist, and  intertwines expressive arts into  her workshops. Programs such as Beats&Breath, Body Chakra Vison Boards, and yoga kickball are some of her most popular (and most fun) Jessica believes in the power of being who you are as you are, and lives and loves in Newport Rhode Island where she is Attending Salve Regina University studying to obtain her Masters degree in Holistic Counseling. Yoga is for everyone, if you can take a breath, you can yoga.

J9 is a Spoken word artist preforming poet and expressive artist who using words, sound and 

anything else to she sees fit to convey messages of lived experiences, and  observations  of 

varied ideas of existing. She has published a Book of poems she called a Novellaography, as a 

read along book of words and pictures to her debut album of poetry called Lovers&Automatic 

Weapons: Tha Mediataion Mix tape.  J9 has facilitated and partnered with other like souled folks and hoisted many forms of spoken word fusion shows, such as Eclectic Erotica, Poetry Slams and has used her artistic expression for the further of  social justice for all of everybody.  Basically, 

She dislikes the Fukkery and is committed to always being who she is, after all isn’t that the 

calling of every artist?

Her current Project, a multi faceted  layered ,interactive curation is called #Militant Matriarch, 

and will be out in 2016. “Its More then a tattoo on my chest, it is a call for something different”

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